These Popular Stores Love Coupons

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If you were wondering which of your favorite grocery and retail stores take coupons — be it printable coupons or manufacturer coupons — here’s a list that gives you that information. In addition, you’ll also find details on what coupons you can expect at these stores.


Target(R) has Target Circle™ offers which work like store coupons. To access this, you will need to download the Target(R) app. You could also take advantage of gift card offers that are advertised around the store, and in the app.


Although Walmart(R)’s price matching policy has evolved over the years, they still allow you to use manufacturer coupons. Ensure that you have a word with the manager since every Walmart(R) functions differently.


You may be allowed to stack manufacturer coupons along with store coupons at Walgreens®. You could also search for store coupons inside Walgreens® Savings Book that will be located at the front of the store or in the app.


CVS not only takes manufacturer and store coupons but also has a loyalty program named ExtraCare®. With the program, you could earn something back on every purchase and even receive personalized coupons that you can access and print.


Carry your coupons along with you while shopping at Kroger(R)or any of its family of stores such as Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Soopers®, Harris Teeter, or Ralphs®. You are allowed to stack only one store/manufacturer coupon per item purchased. And unlike other grocery pickup services, Kroger(R) Grocery Pickup accepts coupons.

Whole Foods

At Whole Foods, you can claim a discount when you purchase items in bulk. Given how expensive shopping at Whole Foods can get, this is a great way to save money.

Dollar Tree(R)

Yes, Dollar Tree(R) accepts manufacturer coupons. The best part is that since items here are priced at $1, a coupon will only help you get it cheaper!

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