Get your coffee for LESS! Saving tips at Starbucks®

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Everyone loves to treat themselves to a perfectly made Starbucks® But would you be happy paying $54.75 (nope, we aren’t making this up) for a coffee? Of course not! As important as caffeine may be to us, no one minds saving a few extra bucks! Here is a list of Starbucks® hacks to help you get your favorite coffee without breaking the bank!

1. Get FREE Refills and Switch-A-Roo’s!

The Starbucks® rewards program (which is free to join) definitely has some absolutely amazing perks! One of our favorite things about these rewards is that you get FREE coffee or tea refills AND can swap it for a coffee or tea for the duration of your visit This is such a convenient trick for those who spend hours working at Starbucks®.

2. Spend Your Reward Points on a Highly Priced Item

As you probably know, as a Starbucks® member, you are entitled to a free item during your birthday month (make sure you use it because this reward expires one day after your birthday). Now, you get to decide what you want to spend your birthday reward on. We suggest treating yourself to something tasty and expensive!

3. FREE Flavors!

Feel like adding some extra flavor to your drink? Don’t go for the expensive “thick syrups” like Mocha or White Mocha that cost a bomb. When you go for a drink that is already sweetened, ask the barista to swap out the “classic” sugar syrup for something more flavored like vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry, or caramel. Starbucks® doesn’t charge extra for these!

4. Ask for "Light Ice" with Your Cold Beverages

Starbucks® is notorious for watering down iced drinks. So no matter which cold beverage you order, make sure you ask for it with “light ice”. It’ll prevent your drink from turning into a watered-down version of itself within two minutes.

5. Don’t Ever Buy Bottled Water

Instead of spending $4 on a bottle of water, just ask for a venti glass of water for free!

Now that you have your Starbucks® hacks at the ready, go forth and get yourself that coffee (plus savings!).

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