Expert Best Buy® Insider Tips to Save MORE

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If you’re in the market for electronics, you’ve got to check out Best Buy®. And, with our secret insider tips, you’ll be able to score great discounts as well. Here’s all you need to know.

1. Learn how to read the price tags at Best Buy®: If you see a small “C” on the price tag, it could mean that the product is a clearance item and will no longer be stocked. Grab these items especially if they are priced at a discount.

2. You can negotiate the pricing: When you shop at BestBuy, you can negotiate a lower price, especially if you are purchasing complementary items. Like, say, you’re buying a Bluray player and an HD TV, politely ask the billing executive or store manager if they can give you a discount since you are purchasing both items. Also, pay attention to what the salesperson is telling you: when negotiating, they’ll sometimes try to steer you towards different brands because they can offer you a lower price on those items. Either way, if you politely request a discount, you may just get it, especially if the store has excess inventory they want to clear out.

3. The more expensive the product, the better the deal: This one is pretty obvious. For stores, it’s all about the profit margin. So, the retailer is a lot more likely to lower the price on a 75” HD TV that costs $3,000 in comparison to a 32” HD TV that costs $250.

4. Look for products with damaged packaging: If you notice a product that has damaged packaging, ask the sales executive if there is any way they could reduce the price of the product. Explain to them very politely that you are taking a risk buying the product. There’s a good chance the store will reduce the price to get it off their shelf.

5. Score the student discount: Many people are not aware that Best Buy® offers a student discount, but the program is, in fact, pretty awesome. Signing up for it is usually free and only requires you to be a student actively enrolled in a minimum of one course. In addition, you should be verified by BestBuy as a college student who is currently enrolled. The deals keep changing, but you can get some deeply discounted products with your student ID.

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