Out Of The Box Ideas To Save On Groceries

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Looking to save on groceries? In this article, you will find ways to spend less at the grocery store, along with unique tips to help you save.

Save on Meat & Produce

We rarely think of creative ideas to save on groceries. To begin your savings journey, consider asking the employees at your grocery store if they provide manager special coupons or sales on meat or produce. Many times, these products are close to their expiry date and the store needs to reduce the price so that it can sell quickly. This is a great opportunity to save. If your family consists of big meat eaters, you could find places that offer beef in bulk. You could also try calling some local cattle farms if there are any, in your area.

Small Changes Help You Save On Groceries

If you’re looking to save, change the way you shop. Make a list to avoid impulse buying. Other ways of saving include using coupons on products that are on sale and stocking up on items when they are at their lowest price.

Weigh Your Produce

It is common knowledge that anyone can bag their own produce and weigh it in the store, but have you ever thought about weighing a pre-packaged bag of produce? I bet you haven't. In fact, some pre-packaged bags of produce could actually be under or over the stated weight on the bag. Didn’t know that either I bet! There are plenty of laws in place that require the products of produce suppliers to be within a range of weight, to ensure that you get what you’ve paid for. On the other hand, no law forbids companies from going over the stated range. There are plenty of instances where 5 pounds of potatoes could weigh in at around 4.9 pounds, but there are certainly other times when they can weigh in around 5.2 pounds. So, why not get that little extra?