7 Tips to Save Money at Big Lots®

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Hello, bargain hunters and savvy shoppers! Big Lots® is an awesome place to find huge savings on overstock and closeout merchandise. But did you know that with a little extra effort, you could cut those prices by an additional 20% or more? Here are some simple ways to score even bigger savings at Big Lots®.

Sign up for BIG Rewards®

Big Lots®’ loyalty program is called BIG Rewards®. On signup up, you’ll receive several perks, including:

  • A $5 reward for every three purchases
  • A birthday surprise
  • Coupons
  • Keep in mind that some restrictions may apply to these perks.

Use discount gift cards

You can look for Big Lots® gift cards priced below their face value on sites like Raise.com. For example, a $100 Big Lots® gift card can be bought for $90. By doing this, you’ll save an additional 10% on every item you buy with the gift card.

Look at the clearance racks for big savings

Big Lots® stores often have areas where clearance items are grouped together. You can find out where your local store displays such clearance items and scour the shelves for incredible deals. Online shoppers could also find clearance deals on Big Lots®’ website.

Shop through a cash-back site

When you shop online, whether it’s a Big Lots® or elsewhere, ensure you go through a cash-back portal. When you use a cash-back portal, you can receive money back on every purchase you make at retailers that partner with the cash-back portal.

Wait to shop during 20%-off weekends

Quite often, Big Lots® may offer a weekend promotion that involves 20% off on almost everything you buy. So do keep your eyes peeled so that you can add even more to your Big Lots® savings.

Be patient when buying seasonal items

Big Lots® regularly discounts some of their seasonal items at the end of that season. But if you see such items on sale, don’t jump to buy them immediately. This is because prices on seasonal items drop quickly. So if you see an item you love in the seasonal department, wait. After a few days, chances are, the price will already be lower.

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