How to Score Awesome Freebies and Deals at JCPenney™

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads How to Score Awesome Freebies and Deals at JCPenney™

JCPenney™ is one of the top stores to get free stuff at and you should definitely take advantage of it at least once a month. There are tons of great JCPenney™ freebies offered all year round including freebies from the JCPenney™ Salon, coupons to get you free stuff, free portraits from JCPenney™ Portraits, free samples at JCPenney™, Sephora®, and free stuff at JCPenney™ on Black Friday.

JCPenney™ Coupons for Free Stuff

JCPenney™sends out some awesome coupons and deals that you can use to get free stuff in their stores. A few times a month, they send out a pamphlet that will have a few coupons inside it. Sometimes, you may be able to find a $10 off coupon that you can use to get free stuff.

In order to use the coupon, you will need to spend at least $10, and the cashier will take $10 off that purchase when you check it out at the counter. If you find something that is $10 then you won't have to pay anything. If you happen to find something that is above $10, you just have to pay the difference. If you get one of these coupons, there are certain items you should look at that are around the $10 mark so you can get something for free - you can check out gloves, jewelry, scarves, socks, umbrellas, sunglasses, underwear, coffee mugs, and other inexpensive items.

More Free Coupons Through JCPenney™ Rewards

JCPenney™ also has quite a few reward programs. With the JCPenney™ Rewards program, you can earn free coupons on purchases you make at the store. For every $1 you spend on a qualifying purchase, you will earn 1 point. When you have 200 points, you'll receive a free $10 reward certificate. To access this offer, you will need to provide your email or phone number when you checkout at JCPenney™ to have them count towards your points.

There are also frequent promotions to earn double points, so make sure to watch your emails for information related to this.

Sephora® Freebies at JCPenney

A lot of JCPenney stores now have a Sephora® located inside them, which means you can get lots of freebies at Sephora®. Look out for free samples, birthday freebies, and free beauty perks at the Sephora® store.

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