How to Be An Ace at Kohl’s® Curbside Pickup

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Kohl’s® started offering curbside pickup around April in 2020 due to the pandemic, but it has, fortunately, stuck around! Many shoppers are finding it to be a more efficient way to shop at Kohl’s® because it is easy, free, and really fast. Here’s how to use the service for free, and save yourself a lot of time!

Place your order via the Kohl’s® app or website: Thought you could only find the best deals when shopping in-store at Kohl’s®? Well, you’ve got to try the retailer’s website or app - they’re full of deals! And, the best part is that you can opt for the “free store pickup” option when you add your favorite products to your cart. Remember that not all Kohl’s® stores offer this service, but many do.

Curbside pickup is limited to the inventory of one store: If the item you want is not available at the nearest store, check if it is available at other stores that are nearby - provided it’s not too far for you to drive to. Keep in mind that your card is charged when you place the order and not when you pick the item up.

Wait two hours to pick up your order: Kohl’s® pickup orders are typically ready in about two hours, but you need to have placed the order a minimum of two hours before the closing of the store. You’ll get a text message or email letting you know when your order is ready.

Drive to the designated store pickup parking spot: If you are using the curbside pickup option, you will need to pull into the designated parking spot - just follow the directions in the email you received. Once you’re there, use the button to alert a sales associate of your arrival. The associate will bring the items to your car and place them in your trunk.

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