Money-Saving Tips for When You Shop at Target

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With over 1,800 store locations spread across the country, it’s likely you’ve shopped at Target in the past. The retailer offers excellent discounts on everything from soda to pillows, and while it is not too difficult to save money at Target, you could be saving even more with these tips.

Know which day to shop at: Most Target stores reduce the prices of specific categories of products on particular days. For instance, you may find the best deals for electronics on Mondays and discounts for sporting goods on Thursdays. Know this schedule to make the most of your shopping trip.

Ask for a price adjustment on stuff you’ve already bought: So, you finally bought something you’ve been eyeing for a while now. However, soon after you make the purchase, you see the item has gone on sale. Don’t worry - at Target, you may be able to request a price match and get the difference back.

Know what clearance codes indicate: Target offers some really great clearance deals. The items are usually first marked down to 15%, or maybe 30%, then to 50% off, and finally to 70% off. Target shoppers believe that clearance items will be marked down in yellow or red stickers. You’ll also find the percentage of markdown and the new price on the top-right corner (usually without a percent symbol) - if it has “‘70” printed, it means the item has been marked down by 70%. Also, if the price of an item ends with “$0.04,” it’s likely that the price won’t go down any further.

Be a late holiday shopper: Whether you want Easter baskets or Christmas decorations, it’s best to buy these items a few weeks after the holiday. Target is known to markdown the prices of its holiday items by up to 90%. Of course, it’s best if you do this if you can store your decorations carefully and are certain you can use them the following year.

Stack your coupons: outlets will usually allow you to stack coupons. So, ask the store manager or associate if you can combine multiple coupons for a single purchase. Doing this could get you a huge discount.

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