3 Hacks to Find the Best Deals on Timeshare Rentals

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Everyone loves a good travel deal — be it a $199 condo rental in Hawaii or a week-long condo vacation in Vegas for only $399. And timeshare rentals are a great way to get it! Just like renting vacation homes, condos can be rented at timeshare resorts. Plus, you don’t even have to attend a timeshare presentation while booking. Keep our tips in mind and you’re good to go!

Understand your options

A timeshare is a kind of resort where ownership of vacation condos is divided among multiple people. These resorts come in a wide range — from small chains to boutique resorts. You may also find the amenities offered in hotels like living rooms or full kitchens. So, when browsing timeshare rental websites, you’ll find units of varying sizes, ranging from studios to four-bedroom options. Remember that when choosing timeshare rentals, you are bypassing industry fees. However, set aside an extra 20 minutes to compare the prices to other stay options and understand the terms and conditions of the rental.

Timeshares from exchange companies

Timeshare exchange companies are middlemen who carry out resort trades for owners. For instance, if you have a timeshare in New York, you can exchange your timeshare week in return for a vacation at other resorts. All you have to do is deposit your week with one of these companies and then pick another owner’s week for your vacation.

Rent directly from a Timeshare owner

You avoid dealing with any middleman when you rent directly from a timeshare owner. Because the owner doesn’t necessarily have to include a listing fee or site commission fee into their rental price. All they wish to do is have their annual expenses covered, while you want to book a vacation rental for a price that’s cheaper than a resort. So, it’s a win for both parties!

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