Awesome Ways to Save When Shopping at Target(R)

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When you think of saving money, shopping at Target(R) is unlikely to be the first thing you think of. Although the retailer charges prices that are a bit higher than Walmart(R), their biggest competitor, what many people don’t realize is that there are so many ways to save money at Target(R). And because of this, you can score great discounts when shopping at the store.

Manufacturer coupons

Target(R) accepts manufacturer coupons just like many other stores. Additionally, you can also use these coupons in combination with Target Circle™ offers. This method is known as stacking offers. Except for when the coupon you have has stricter limitations on it, Target(R) will typically allow you to use four like coupons per transaction. This essentially means you can use four of the same type of coupons at the billing counter.

Target Circle™

It’s hard not to love Target Circle™, a savings program that was previously known as Target Cartwheel. This program is available for all customers, and it offers significant discounts on a number of items.

Category Coupons

You may be able to spot a category deal at Target(R) on a weekly basis. For instance, you may see a promotion on meat purchases often. These coupons can be discovered in the weekly flyer or in the Target(R) app on your phone. When you’re checking out, all you have to do is click on the bottom tab labeled coupons to view the available category coupons that are valid.

Target RedCard(TM)

The RedCard is by far the most hassle-free way to save at Target(R); the best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to get a Target RedCard(TM). The sign-up process is also easy, and for every single purchase other than gift cards, you get an extra 5 percent off with the RedCard. There are two variants of the Target RedCard(TM) that are available: credit and debit.

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