Easy ways to SAVE at the farmers market

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Everybody loves shopping at the farmers market in the spring and summer. Buying produce from the farmers market gives you access to fresh food and it could also make you a better chef. But relying only on the farmers market for your groceries can get very expensive. Fortunately, we have some awesome tips to help you save a ton of cash on your next trip to the market. Excited to learn the secrets to save money at the farmers market? Read on to get started!

Find out what is in season

Most of the time, fruits and vegetables that are in season will be the most affordable. This is because when something is at its peak season, numerous vendors have the same thing. So the prices are driven down. You can find out what produce is in season by checking the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s seasonal produce guide. Or you could also check a detailed chart from the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture.

Pay in cash

Another way to save money at the farmers market is to pay in cash. Do ensure that you have plenty of small change on hand. Vendors run out of change quickly, so if you negotiate and offer to pay in quarters and $1 bills, many vendors may make you a deal. It is an easy way to save more, whether you are stocking up on fruits and veggies or buying cheese or bread.

Look for ‘ugly’ produce

If you really want to save at the farmers market, look for vendors’ misshapen or ugly produce. Since most people favor the prettiest fruits and vegetables, they will likely be cheaper. In fact, many farmers market vendors sell crooked carrots and oddly shaped tomatoes & onions at a lower price than the attractive crops. Some vendors may even sell such produce bagged, or from a separate bin, at a significant markdown. The great part is that you will get the same exact taste, for less.

Take a walk before buying anything

Always make sure that you take a walk around the farmers market before you buy anything. Since multiple vendors will have the exact same fruits and veggies, you can choose the best ones.

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