Grocery Outlet Store Tips That'll Save You Money

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Grocery Outlet offers great prices on a wide range of products, compared to Walmart® and Amazon. If you haven’t explored its extensive offerings yet, you’re missing out on killer discounts. We’ve rounded up some easy ways for you to save money on your next grocery haul at Grocery Outlet. Let’s jump right in!

Save up to 60% on your purchase without coupons

Grocery Outlet doesn’t accept manufacturer coupons. This is because they get lower prices directly from consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers. Discount grocers, like Grocery Outlet, buy products that CPG manufacturers have in excess for pennies. Therefore, you’ll find many items at super low prices.

Inventory is 50 – 80% less than traditional grocery stores

Unlike traditional grocery stores, discount stores do not restock their items on a weekly basis. So, if you like something, make sure you stock up fast before the items run out.

Save 40 – 70% on organic and natural brands in the NOSH section

From organic canned black beans to specialty items like Chia seeds, you can find deep discounts on organic and health foods at Grocery Outlet. The Natural, Organic, Specialty, Health (NOSH) section stocks brands like Annie’s® Homegrown, Popchips, Kettle Brand, Nature’s Bakery®, and more. If you’re lucky, you can get discounts as low as 70% off.

Sign up for WOW alerts

Join Grocery Outlet’s email list to get WOW alerts sent straight to your inbox. You’ll receive instant alerts when products are high in stock and offered at a minimum of 50% off. Sometimes, you may even find products at 70% off. Occasionally, you can even get generic coupons. So, sign up right away and never miss out on any savings opportunity.

Don’t miss out on wine and beer sales

Wine and beer go on sale frequently at Grocery Outlet. You’ll see wine sales that offer an additional 20%, which lets you grab up to 80% off on some bottles. Beer is also offered at 20% less than the amount you’d pay elsewhere.

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