Here’s How You Can Get Restaurant Discounts and Coupons

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While it’s important to budget and do what you can to minimize your expenses, it’s also important to let loose once in a while. And, what better way to do this than eating out at your favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, eating out can get ridiculously expensive. That’s why we’ve listed a few ways to help you find awesome discounts and coupons that you can use when dining out.

Restaurant websites

You’ll find that most restaurants, be it a local establishment or a chain, have robust websites today. And, many of these restaurants will have deals that you can view or print directly through your smartphone. So, don’t miss your chance to find dinner deals and happy hours offers at your favorite restaurants. Just check the restaurant’s website and sign up for the email list.

Local events

Many restaurants take part in local events and festivals - this usually happens during the spring and summer months. The restaurants that participate usually offer huge discounts on their regular menu and even offer free meals if they are looking to experiment with a few new dishes.

Alternative weekly paper

Many major cities have at least one alternative weekly paper, and some cities have multiple. Grab a copy of this even if the headlines don’t really seem too interesting because you could find coupons that are worth a lot. Publishers of such newspapers usually charge a very low rate for ads, making it easier for restaurants to advertise deals that you wouldn’t find in your usual daily newspaper.

Frequent flyer dining programs

If you use an airline credit card, you may be able to get miles by charging your dining expenses to your credit card (provided you dine at a member restaurant). You can usually combine this with other coupons and discounts to maximize your savings and rack up miles to use in the future.

The bottom line

Unless you frequently cook with rare and expensive ingredients, you’ll find that eating at home costs much less than going out. But, going out once in a while and treating yourself to a nice dinner is a good way to unwind. Just ensure you apply all the available discounts and coupons to reduce your dining expenses.