All You Need To Know About Saving Money At Whole Foods

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads All You Need To Know About Saving Money At Whole Foods

If you like eating organic, it’s safe to assume you’ve shopped at Whole Foods. The products are really great, but the only problem is that the prices of many items may be on the higher side. Don’t worry though - we’ve got plenty of tips to help you save money when shopping at Whole Foods. Read on to know more.

1. Get savings of 10% with Amazon Prime: Prime customers can benefit from certain discounts when shopping at Whole Foods (since Whole Foods was bought over by Amazon). So, when shopping in-store, keep an eye out for product sections that have a yellow sign to get a discount of 10%. You can also view these discounts on the app, by tapping on the yellow icon with the text “Sales”.

2. Look out for blue signs for special deals (if you are a Prime customer): While yellow signs give you a 10% discount, blue signs indicate a special deal that’s exclusively meant for Prime customers.

3. Work with Whole Foods to get the employee discount: Did you know you can earn a significant discount on products if you are employed by Whole Foods? While this tip may not be suitable for everyone, it’s good to be aware of, if you are already looking for a job in retail.

4. Hand over coupons in the order that you would like them used: Here’s an insider tip - the coupon policy of Whole Foods can be slightly tricky, especially with regard to the order in which coupons are used. So, when you are at the checkout counter, it’s a good idea to hand over each coupon along with the product you would like it to be used on. It’s best to not hand over your coupons all at once, since the cashier may mix and match them with different products, lowering your savings potential.

5. Get store pickup for free with Prime: Another thing that Prime users can be happy about - Whole Foods customers can collect the items they order from the store within 60 minutes. Prime members get this service for free, provided their order is worth at least $35. If you are not a Prime member, you’ll need to pay $1.99.

You can also combine manufacturer coupons you have in hand with rebate app offers to get better discounts when shopping at Whole Foods.

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