Savings Tips for Shopping at Banana Republic, GAP, Athleta, and Old Navy®

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The GAP family ie. Banana Republic, GAP, Athleta, and Old Navy®, almost always have deals. If you really want to save money on basic wardrobe pieces, shopping during promotional offer periods is the right way to go. Luckily, at GAP stores, these occur quite frequently. To help you get started, here are some tips for you to save at Banana Republic, GAP, Athleta, and Old Navy®.

Never pay full price

Banana Republic and GAP often offer 30-40% off codes. Around the holiday season, those prices may even go up as high as 50 or 60%. Old Navy® also has special offers quite regularly as well, though Athleta’s promo codes and offers are a bit rarer. In addition to shopping the good old sale sections, do take advantage of the big percent-off offers when you can.

Use discounted gift cards

Keep in mind that you could redeem gift cards across the entire family of stores. In other words, Old Navy® gift cards could be used at Banana Republic, Gap, and Athleta, or vice versa. Do ensure you check the different brands to find the best priced cards. Or, if one is out of stock, you should try the others.

Get price adjustments

Gap may issue a price adjustment for up to two weeks after your purchase if something gets marked down. However, if you used a promo code, you'll be out of luck unless it was for free shipping only. Do note that “Final sale” items are also ineligible. Banana Republic, Gap, and Athleta stores all have basically the same policy for price adjustments as well.

Look for occasional coupon back offers

Keep an eye out for GapCash and Super Cash promotional periods at Gap and Old Navy®. Since for a limited period of time, you may get vouchers that you can spend later during a special period.

Get on the mailing lists

All GAP family stores have mailing lists that you can sign up to join at the bottom of their respective websites. By signing up, you’ll never miss hearing about a sale or promotional offer.

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