How to Choose Your Next Apple® Product!

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Have your heart set on the latest Apple® device? Unsure about which Apple® device is better suited to your requirements? Wondering what’s the best way to purchase an Apple® product?

No worries! Here, we tell you what you need to do to choose and purchase the right Apple® device, without breaking a sweat! Let’s get started!

Explore the store: Apple®’s retail stores are typically subdivided into different areas. The “avenue” is where you check out different products and accessories and the “Genius” area is where you’ll come across tech support employees. Most stores also have a smaller public space, usually featuring a large screen (small public events may sometimes happen in this area). Of course, the layout of different stores will vary, so consider taking a walk around the store.

Browse the products with confidence: Perhaps you already know what to purchase, or maybe you just want to browse a few Apple® products and not buy anything right now. Regardless of the intention of the visit, make sure to approach with confidence. You can spend as much time as you want in the store. If an employee asks you if they can help you, let them know you’re just looking around and aren’t sure if you want to buy anything.

Get advice from Apple® staff: Once you know what you want (or if you need help picking a product), look around for the staff (you’ll be able to recognize them, thanks to their Apple® T-shirts) and get a conversation going with them. In case, they are unable to help you, they will likely be able to find someone else who can help you. Keep in mind that Apple® store employees, in fact, don’t work on a commission. So, they won’t pressurize you to purchase anything.

Buy the stuff you want: If you want to buy something, you’ll need to let the staff know. They will likely walk to another part of the outlet and pull out the product you are looking to buy. You can then pay for the item and walk away. If you’re interested in buying an extended warranty, let the billing executive know. Here’s a pro tip: don’t buy AppleCare® immediately with your product. Instead, use the product and assess how it works for a few months (you’ll have a one-year warranty during this time, so you’re not putting yourself at risk). If you still feel like you need AppleCare®, go back to the store and get it.

Don’t forget that Apple® may also offer you sessions to help you learn how to use the product you just purchased. If this is an option, make sure to book a session with the store.

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