5 Lesser-Known Ways to Save at Dollar Stores

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads 5 Lesser-Known Ways to Save at Dollar Stores

Although a number of retail stores in the U.S. have disappeared in recent years, dollar stores are, in fact, popping up in more and more places. This fact is really no surprise to people who shop at dollar stores, given that so many items cost a lot less when you purchase them from these stores in comparison to regular supermarkets. But, just because dollar stores offer a lot of bargains, it doesn’t mean everything is priced well. Here are 5 tips to save more when shopping at dollar stores.

1. Read the ingredients: When you purchase packaged foods like crackers, soup, granola bars, and cereal, it’s important to check the nutrition labels at the back and make sure that the items you pick have healthy ingredients. For instance, if you are shopping for granola bars, ensure that the first ingredient is granola and not something unhealthy and cheap like fructose corn syrup.

2. Do the math to ensure you are getting a good deal: Sizes of products are different at dollar stores, so it may not always be easy to do a price comparison. So, before you go shopping, make a note of the unit price of items you purchase at your regular store. Once you are at the dollar store, use your smartphone to compare the supermarket prices with the dollar store prices. You may actually find that not all items are as well priced as they seem to be.

3. Use coupons: Many dollar stores, including Family Dollar® and Dollar General®, allow customers to use coupons when shopping. These stores feature their store coupons on their official websites, and they also accept manufacturer coupons.

4. Shop the store brands: Although the ingredients used in store-brand items may not be the same as that of big-brand items, they are certainly worth a try. After all, you could come across an overlooked high-quality store-brand product.

5. Review all the products you pick up: Sometimes, dollar stores may have obsolete or expired products on their shelves. So, it’s a good idea to check the expiration dates of all items you pick up. Also, be wary of items that are super cheap.

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