Sephora® hacks that all beauty-obsessed people should memorize

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Sephora® hacks that all beauty-obsessed people should memorize

Sephora® is heaven for those obsessed with makeup. The store has tons of deals and freebies, if you know where to look. If you need a little help figuring that out, here's how to get the most out of Sephora®.

Don't be afraid to ask for Sephora® samples of any product

Just about anything at Sephora® can be made into a sample that you can take home with you. This is because the company wants customers to learn about their products and understand what will be the best product for them.

Customers get two samples while checking out online

Aside from in-store Sephora® samples, customers shopping online may also get two free samples with their purchase. If you're shopping online and want to test out a product, see if it's in Sephora®'s free samples section.

Get a deluxe bonus product along with two free samples

At Sephora®, you can also get a free sample by checking out the Weekly Specials page. Limited-time markdowns come with a code that you can use at checkout to claim samples of high-end products, including Versace, Clinique, and more.

Save your points for bigger rewards

If you save up your reward points, you could get access to bigger and better gifts that are worth your money. The good part is that if you spend 750 points or above, you’ll get free shipping on your reward without any purchase.

Get a free 15-minute makeover

Sephora® staff members can help you to redo your makeup before going out. This is an awesome opportunity since they’re more likely to have a steadier hand than you. The best part about this 15-minute makeover is that it’s absolutely free! The store also has custom makeovers if you're willing to spend $50 on Sephora® products.

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