Secrets for Smart Shoppers: Here’s How to Coupon at ShopRite®

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Trying to cut down on your bills? If you shop at ShopRite®, we’ve got some truly amazing couponing tips to help you save money during your shopping trips. Read on to know more.

1. Make use of the double coupon policy: A number of ShopRite® stores double your coupons, which means if you have a coupon for $0.75, it will be doubled to $1.50. However, given that each ShopRite® store is independently owned, the double coupon policy may not be applicable everywhere. That said, there’s no harm in asking the cashier if your coupons can be doubled, just in case it does not happen automatically at the checkout counter. Keep in mind that most ShopRite® stores do not double digital coupons.

2. Use competitor coupons: ShopRite® accepts coupons from other retailers unless the terms and conditions on the coupon prohibit it from being accepted at other stores. However, for ShopRite® to accept your coupon, it will need to be identified as a manufacturer coupon and should be scannable.

3. Look out for digital coupons: ShopRite’s® digital coupons load directly to your Price Plus® card. If you don’t have the ShopRite Price Plus® card, make sure you get it the next time you are shopping in-store. ShopRite® offers new digital coupons from time to time, so you should try to add these coupons to your card as soon as you can since they can disappear pretty quickly. When you are at the checkout counter, just hand over your Price Plus® card to the cashier, and your digital coupons will be used automatically.

4. Take advantage of the ShopRite from Home program: Have you ever tried the ShopRite® from Home program? Although not all ShopRite® stores offer this program, it’s worth checking if the store location you shop at offers this. The best part about this program is that you can directly present the coupon at the time of picking your order

Couponing policies may change from time to time, so make sure you check the retailer’s coupon policy every few months and carry a printed copy of the policy with you to the store.

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