Want More Grocery Store Coupons? Here's Where You Can Find the Best Ones

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One of the most important rules when it comes to couponing is to never ever pay full price for your groceries. In this article, you’ll learn where to find the best grocery coupons so that you can enjoy better savings every time you’re at the register. While some of these tips may seem obvious, others aren’t. Ready to make your savings journey easier? Let’s get started!

Sign up for store rewards and loyalty cards

You could save and earn cashback simply by signing up for a reward or loyalty card like the one offered by Kroger stores. The Kroger loyalty card, for instance, will help you save up to $0.10 on a gallon of gas when you earn 100 rewards points from shopping. Plus, you get access to cashback deals.

Download digital grocery coupons

If you have a favorite grocery store, don’t forget to download it’s digital grocery coupons from the store’s website to your rewards card.

Subscribe to the Sunday newspaper

All old school couponers know that the Sunday newspaper has some of the best coupons. If you don’t normally check the Sunday newspaper, ensure you add it to your couponing routine to find more coupons.

Scoop up newspaper inserts for free

You can find coupons in newspapers left behind in your local libraries, coffee shops, or waiting rooms. However, make sure to ask whoever is in charge if you can take the newspaper inserts. You could also wait until Monday and ask local businesses for their leftover newspapers.

Browse through grocery store paper weekly ads for printed coupons

Here are a few of our favorite stores with weekly paper coupons - Albertsons, Cub, ACME, Jewel Osco, Publix®, Tom Thumb, TOPS, Randalls, Safeway, Schnucks, Stop & Shop, and Target®. Make sure to check their weekly ads for more coupons.

Grab an in-store sale flyer

While shopping at any store, always ask employees for the latest copies of the in-store sales flyer. By doing this, you’ll be up-to-date with the latest sales and promotions.

Look for grocery coupons in magazines

One of our secret tips is to look out for grocery coupons in magazines. You’d be surprised at the number of good deals and coupons in them.

Join coupon trading meetup groups

You can also join coupon clubs or meetup groups to collect more coupons. If you would rather start your own group, that’s a great idea too.

Sign up for the Amazon Subscribe & Save subscription service

You can score additional promo codes and coupons for grocery or household goods with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save subscription.

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