No-Brainer Amazon Hacks to Save You Money

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads No-Brainer Amazon Hacks to Save You Money

Everyone loves shopping on Amazon - it’s easy, quick, and convenient. But, did you know there are actually some really great hacks that you can use to save money when shopping on Amazon? Read on for our favorite money-saving tips.

Abandon your cart: This is a pretty neat trick - all you need to do is add an item you want to purchase to your cart. Don’t complete the transaction immediately. Let the item sit in your cart for some time. Since Amazon knows you’d like to buy the product, they will start sending you reminders to complete the checkout. If they don’t see you return, they may just offer you a discount to get you to complete the purchase.

Go for the least popular option: If you are looking to buy something that’s available in a range of different colors, the best way to get a discount on the product is by opting for the least popular color. This is a great tip to use for products you don’t especially care too much about.

Get Prime Membership for free: If you’re not a Prime member already (or if you haven’t been one for the last 12 months), you can sign up for a free trial (valid for 30 days). If you’re a student and you aren’t already a Prime member, you can get the membership for free for 6 months, as long as you have an email address associated with your college or university.

Get the Amazon store card: If you shop on Amazon a lot, it’s a good idea to get the Amazon store card. With this card, you will save up to a total of 5% of the total bill value - the best part is that this is applicable to all purchases you make. Just ensure you make the card payments in full and within the due date every month, so you don’t pay the high-interest charge.

Get a $10 Amazon gift card for free: When you get the Amazon store card, not only do you get a 5% discount each time you buy something on Amazon, but you also get a $10 gift card for free upon getting approved for the card.

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