These Could Be The Best Times To Go Shopping For Massive Discounts

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Clothes wear out and fashion keeps evolving every season. This means it's time to go shopping, even if you dislike buying new clothes. For thrifty shoppers who are looking to buy clothes at cheap prices, here is a simple guide on what could be the best times to go shopping so you get the best deals:

Thursday night

For frugal shoppers, Thursday night is a great time to hit the malls. This is because most stores reorganize their racks to replace stocks for the weekend rush. Also, Thursday evening is the time when stores markdown items that will be on sale over the weekend. So, block this day for your shopping spree, if you want to avoid the rush during busy weekends and get to sales items first.

Six-week mark

If you’re shopping for seasonal clothing, avoid the urge to buy new arrivals as soon as they hit the stores. Wait for six to eight weeks to get a better price, as stores mark down the prices on seasonal items by then. The downside of this is that the popular items may sell out in those six weeks. However, if you’re buying from a chain store, you can ask the sales associate to find out if the product is available at another store location. The upside of this is that waiting for six weeks can help you curb any impulse splurging.

End of season

If you wear clothes of a standard size from year to year, you can stock up on clothing at the end of the season. This will help you save money and have enough new clothing for the next year. You can buy staple items like jeans, cardigans, sweatshirts, and pants, which will not go out of style too soon.

Here’s a list of things that are on sale during the various months of the year:

  • January or February: Jackets, winter accessories, and athletic footwear
  • April: Sneakers
  • August: Bathing suits, summer clothes, and sandals
  • October: Jeans

Check online sales

Subscribe to the store’s newsletters to get first-hand updates of items that go on sale. Certain stores inform subscribers well in advance about big sales and let you pre-shop at special events. This can help you in planning your shopping and determining how much you can save on the items that you want. Some stores also offer discounts at their online stores, if not in-store.

Off-price clothing stores

Discount and off-price clothing stores are an excellent choice for those who are not keen on planning their shopping around sales or seasons. These stores stock huge volumes of clothing that may require you to spend a considerable amount of time to dig through and find a few gems. Discount and off-price clothing stores have clothes from stores that have gone out of business, have excess inventory, or are clearing space for new stock. You may find clothes that do not match your preference or ones that are out of season, but there are also staples like t-shirts, activewear, socks, hosiery, and other items, which are not prone to seasonal changes that you can buy.