Smart Tips to Get Amazon Credits for FREE!

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For most of us, Amazon claims a sizable amount of our paychecks! From shopping online for pantry essentials to holiday gifts, household items, or even cat food, any chance to save on Amazon products is a big deal. If you know where to look, there are plenty of ways to get “free money” from Amazon. The good news is that we did the looking for you! Here’s how you can get free money on Amazon.

Get $10 off a $20 purchase on using the Amazon app

Amazon wants you to shop using their app on your mobile device. In fact, they’ll take $10 off a $20 purchase (valid till Dec. 31) if you shop on the app. Officially, Amazon has said that you have to receive an email confirmation to be eligible for this deal, but if you’re lucky you could get the discount anyway.

Amazon may give you $10 a month for sharing your receipts

The Amazon Shopper Panel is a new voluntary program where you can submit 10 non-Amazon receipts per month in exchange for $10 in Amazon credit. If you’re a panel member, you can also earn even more by completing surveys. This panel is invite-only, but you could easily join the waitlist. To do this, download the Amazon Shopper Panel app (iOS/Android™) to get started.

Watch Prime Video to qualify for $5 in Amazon credit

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can watch any movie or show included with Prime during the holiday season to earn a $5 credit that can be used to shop on A few days after watching the qualifying video, you’ll get an email giving you details about how you can redeem your credit. This offer is only available once.