How To Get Freebies On Your Honeymoon

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When it comes to honeymoons, we all want ours to be the most romantic one in the history of honeymoons. As a newlywed couple, you do have some leeway when it comes to getting freebies and upgrades, afterall companies just love a couple in love. Though many newlyweds shy away from making the most out of their honeymoon experiences, you shouldn’t. Let’s take a look at some ways for you to get freebies on your honeymoon.

Before You Go

Make sure you get used to your “honeymooness” before the whole “we are newlyweds and so in love” feeling wears out. We recommend spreading the word when you book your honeymoon, to ensure that all of your service providers are aware that you are traveling for a special occasion. By doing so, they may upgrade your stay and offer you other perks as well. So try to avoid booking last minute!

Honeymoon Flights

When it comes to bagging honeymoon perks, airlines are the absolute place to go. There is nothing better than starting your honeymoon in style; and by that we mean First Class seats. Some airlines can be very generous when it comes to bumping up their passengers for no charge, especially if they want to fill up their seats. So do try to let the airline know on the day that it is your honeymoon. If you do not land up getting an upgrade, you might probably get some other freebies like a bottle of champagne.

Honeymoon Meals

Newlywed perks do not just stop after you have gotten off the plane. Depending on where you go for your honeymoon, you might be able to get a few freebies when you are out for dinner. If you do get friendly with your waiter, casually mention that you’re celebrating your honeymoon. By doing so, they may offer you a free meal, a free dessert, or a free bottle of wine. Either way, it is free & plus you have made a new friend!