These Couponing Hacks Will Change Your Life!

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads These Couponing Hacks Will Change Your Life!

Coupons become extremely popular over the years. It’s a great way for budget-shoppers to save money and score free stuff. If you find couponing overwhelming, we’ve rounded up some hacks that will change your life. Let’s get started.

1) Pick your grocery store wisely

Remember that not all stores give and accept coupon offers. Therefore, it is important that you carefully pick the stores from where you buy your groceries. Take some time to research the stores that have the best deals. Select the ones nearby to save on transportation.

2) Look at the top and bottom shelves

Did you know manufacturers pay big bucks to place their products on the middle shelf? As the middle shelf is the most widely browsed space, you will find the most expensive products there. Check the top and bottom shelf to score hidden deals.

3) Buy seasonally

If you want to save on fruits and vegetables, ensure you buy them during the season. In the off-season, the cost of produce is sky-high.

4) Use competitor store coupons

Most stores that don’t want to lose the business of their customers accept competitor coupons. However, there are some stores that don’t accept these coupons. Therefore, do your research before you head to the store.

5) Print online coupons

Remember, that not all stores are the same. While some accept online coupons, others don’t. Ensure your store accepts online coupons before making a purchase.

6) Use couponing apps

Conveniently maximize your savings by using couponing and rebate apps. Check out apps like Ibotta®, and Checkout 51 to help you get started.

7) Join store programs

Many stores offer loyalty programs that can boost your savings. You could win gift cards, monthly coupons, or electronics for being a loyal customer. Check with your local grocer if they have any such programs and sign up!

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