Smart Nike® Factory Store Hacks

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Does Nike Factory Store accept coupons? When do Nike® shoes go on sale? Need answers to such questions? Nike® Factory Store deals are worth it if you know where to look. Stick with us as we reveal some shopping secrets to save at your favorite store.

Check out the Hash Wall for the best shoe deals.

When you visit a Nike® Factory store, head straight to the back wall. Here’s where you’ll find all the last-of shoes with an additional discount.

Aim to save 50-70% off retail.

You can easily aim to save at least 50% during the additional 20-30% off clearance sale at Nike® Factory.

Keep an eye on clearance prices.

Nike® Factory regular prices generally end with 9, full-price items end with 0, and clearance prices end with 7.

Visit the store on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday mornings

Most Nike® Factory sales occur on Thursday or Friday mornings and last the entire weekend. The sales occur randomly as they’re controlled by corporates. So, make sure you call your local Nike Factory outlet to find out if there are any ongoing sales, before heading to the store.

Shop during special events

The “Earn like an MVP” events are held in April and December. These are usually two weeks long, where you can earn free gift cards. These gift cards can be used for future purchases made during a specified date range. However, purchase thresholds and gift card redemption vary. So, ensure you read the fine print.

Negotiate for a better price for damaged goods.

If you find a pair of scuffed or flawed sneakers, ask a Nike employee for a discount. If you’re lucky, you may get the shoes at a 20% discount.

Ask for a price adjustment.

If you notice a price drop on a Nike® item you recently purchased, you have up to 14 days to ask for a price adjustment.

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