How To Get Your Kids To Coupon With You

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Wondering how to get your children to help you with couponing? It’s a good practice to teach your children how to budget at an early age. Follow these super-simple ways to get your kids involved:

Explain couponing

To begin with, you can explain to your children how they can get extra stuff and try new things by using coupons. If they learn how coupons can help them save money, it can be a much more enjoyable process.

Make it fun

Turn couponing into a scavenger hunt! Next time you head to the store with your kids, hand them each few coupons and make them look for the items. The one who gets the most items the fastest gets to pick out something they like. For example, if you’re buying ice cream, the winner gets to pick the flavor.

Set family goals

Once you’ve explained couponing to your children, use the money you saved for fun things that you normally can’t afford. Find out what your family wants and work towards that goal. It could be getting a year membership to the City Zoo or a year membership to the Science Museum. When your children realize how much you save and how this leads to fun things, they will voluntarily join in.

Reward them

Let your older children look for deals online. If they manage to find better deals than you, reward them by giving half of what you saved. This way you can teach them how to search for good deals and figure out savings.

Have a free day

By “free day” we mean, a day where you don’t spend any money at all. Plan a fun day with your family when there are free events going on, get free items using coupons, and if you’re driving around, use a gas card. The purpose of this day is to help your children learn more about savings while having fun.

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