Old Navy ® Shopping Guide: Use These Tips to Save Money

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Check out these money-saving tips that can help you find Old Navy® coupons and tell you when to buy items for the cheapest price.

1. Aim for 50% off your Old Navy® purchase ( in-store and online) during Black Friday

Shopping during Black Friday at Old Navy® is a really good time to stock up on shirts, jeans, bags, coats, and shoes. If you’re looking to spend less than $50 then it’s best to shop in stores. Try to spend more than $50 at Old Navy® if you are shopping online since this is the minimum amount you must spend in order to score free shipping.

2. Markdowns at Old Navy® are on Sunday and Monday

Most often, new markdowns come out every Sunday at Old Navy®, but depending on a variety of factors, markdowns might not be complete until they close on Monday.

3. Temporary price cuts start every Thursday

Thursdays at Old Navy® are known as “Signage Days”. What this means is that most of the advertised sales and signage switch, in preparation for the upcoming weekend’s sales.

4. Sale prices and coupons are better at OldNavy.com

If you are watching your monthly budget, it is better to start shopping online. On OldNavy.com, you are more likely to consistently have better saving potential because of their regularly available coupon codes. This is because in-store coupons are a lot rarer.

5. Stack up coupons on your order at OldNavy.com

One of the little-known secrets at OldNavy.com is that you may be able to use more than one coupon code per order, on certain promotions! Try doing this on your next purchase.

6. Old Navy® stores and OldNavy.com operate independently

Did you know that quite often your local Old Navy® store looks at the OldNavy.com online store as a competitor? This is because your Old Navy® store wants to keep your business and hopes that you will not shop online. In fact, some local stores and .coms operate so independently that their sale prices, coupons, and markdowns are almost always unique. Do keep in mind that Old Navy® stores will not match online prices or vice versa.

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