Secret Ways to Find Hidden Deals on Amazon

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Love shopping on Amazon? You’ll love it even more after you read our secret tips to find hidden deals on the online shopping site! Read on for 5 amazing ways to maximize your savings on Amazon.

1. Check out prices for all colors when shopping for clothing and shoes

If you’re not picky about the stuff you’re buying, check out the prices for all the colors that are available. Sometimes, not-so-popular colors are marked down substantially, which means you can get a great discount on them. For things like sneakers, workout clothing, headphones, and golf hats, this tip can really help you save money.

2. Look for warehouse deals

Have you ever bought something on Amazon, tried it, and then returned it? You’re not alone! But, what do you think Amazon does with all the stuff that customers return? They actually sell it in the “Amazon Warehouse” section at deeply discounted prices. Remember that these items are not new - they are classified as open-box, used, or pre-owned specials, but the savings are huge! The best part is that all items come with a guarantee from Amazon and they’ve been through a multi-point inspection.

3. Check out Amazon Renewed deals

Like the warehouse deals mentioned above, Amazon Renewed is a section on the website that lists refurbished open-box products. It’s different from the warehouse deals because this section lists mainly smartphones, electronics, and computers. Of course, all products sold come with an Amazon guarantee.

4. Check out products listed by third-party sellers

Most times, when you search for something on Amazon, the first few listings are not the best deals. In fact, products sold by third-party sellers are likely to be priced a lot better. It’s a good habit to compare a few products from different sellers before you make your purchase.

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