How to Save Money When Shopping at Lululemon

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Lululemon is one of the most expensive athletic brands on the market. Fortunately, we’ve got some out-of-the-box savings ideas that can help you get your hands on Lululemon products for less. Here’s every savings tip you need to know.

Use a discounted Lululemon gift card

For every purchase that you make at Lululemon, use a discounted gift card. Why? It can help you save some money. That’s right! You can check out online sites for discounted gift cards. Buy as many as you can since you can always give the discounted gift cards to your friends and family members even if you don’t use them for yourself!

Shop on Thursday mornings

If you’re planning to shop at the store, check out the Lululemon sale section called “We Made Too Much.” Here, you will find all merchandise at discounted prices. Lululemon also discounts items online every Thursday morning. Head to the site between 11 a.m. and noon if you want to buy cheap Lululemon leggings online.

Buy sold-out Lululemon items for less with free shipping

If the marked-down item that you want is sold-out in your local store, visit the store’s website and look it up. Once you find it, select “Check All Store Inventory” and check out all zip codes it is available at. Then, call up the nearest store in which the item is available and ask them to do a “send sale order”. This way you can get the store to ship the item to you for free with the markdown price.

Now that you know how you can save money at Lululemon, you don’t have to put off that shopping trip anymore!

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