Must-Know: Stores That Usually Accept Expired Coupons

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Must-Know: Stores That Usually Accept Expired Coupons

If you collect coupons but don’t organize them meticulously, you may come across expired coupons in your stash from time to time. Like most people, if you thought an expired coupon was useless, we’ve got good news for you - there are quite a few stores that are known for accepting expired coupons or, at the very least, providing you a replacement coupon. Just remember that the stores on this list are not obliged to accept an expired coupon, so make sure to be extra nice to the billing executive, and if they still refuse your coupon, just leave it at that and walk out with a smile.

Here are a few stores that usually accept expired coupons:

1. Military Commissaries Overseas: Commissaries that are outside the United States will accept coupons for up to six months past their date of expiration. If you live in the U.S., you can send your coupons to them via Troopons®, which is a program that sends coupons to army bases stationed around the world.

2. Bed Bath & Beyond®: Bed Bath & Beyond® is perhaps one of the most well-known stores that usually accepts expired coupons. However, they only accept one coupon per item.

3. Petco®: Although Petco’s® policy clearly states they don’t accept expired coupons - many stores are likely to accept expired store coupons. However, Petco® stores usually never accept expired manufacturer coupons.

4. Kroger®: Like a number of other stores, Kroger’s® coupon policy mentions they do not accept expired coupons. That said, fortunately for shoppers, the store has a “Make it Right” policy, which guarantees that customers will walk out happy. Given this, if you have a coupon that has just expired, you may be able to get the billing executive to accept it or find you one that’s valid at present. Remember to be very polite because they’re doing you a favor.

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