Here’s How You Can Do Cyber Monday Right!

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Here’s How You Can Do Cyber Monday Right!

With Cyber Monday coming up soon, you’ll want to start preparing for one of the biggest sales this year. Here are a few shopping mistakes you should avoid to get the best deals on this day!

1. Not checking pre-sale prices: When Cyber Monday sales start, you’ll probably find a lot of things marked down by up to 75%. But, you can’t just trust the percentage-off claims made by all stores, unless you know what the item costs on pre-sale days. So, make sure to research how much the items that you are looking to buy on Cyber Monday usually cost.

2. Making a list: Shopping without a list is really never a good idea, but it’s something you should certainly avoid on Cyber Monday. Keep in mind you’ll be flooded with emails, social media posts, and ads about all the amazing deals offered by retailers, and it can get very tempting to buy just about everything. This can be an issue if you are on a budget, so make sure to create a list of things you need or gifts you need to get. Also, create a budget, and make sure to stick to it.

3. Not checking the time zone: Many shoppers make a note of the hours when the sale will be live, but forget to check the time zone - this could lead to you losing out on precious time and missing out on great deals. For instance, if you reside on the West Coast and the Cyber Monday sale ends exactly at midnight EST, this would mean you only have till 9 p.m. to shop.

4. Ignoring the return policies: Even if you list out all the items you need and carefully pick out only what’s on your list, you may still need to return a few things, which is why it’s important to check the return policies of retailers. Don’t assume that the retailer’s return policy for Cyber Monday is the same as their year-round policy.

5. Paying the shipping charges: If an item you want has a shipping fee, consider holding off on your purchase if it’s not too important. There are many other sales that pop up around the same time as Cyber Monday, so it’s likely you will be able to find the same item again at a discount.