AWESOME! Discounts For People Over 55

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Not 65 yet? You can still take advantage of senior discounts. Members of groups like AARP and the Association of Mature American Citizens enjoy great discounts at retailers, restaurants, hotels, and more, as soon as they turn 55 years. All you need is to show your ID and sometimes sign up for a free discount card or loyalty program to avail the following senior offers.


From craft stores to auto repair shops, a range of retailers offer senior discounts to citizens who are at least 55 years of age. Some of these include Pep Boys, Michael’s®, and Ross. You can save 10% on sale items in these stores.

Grocery and pharmacy

While getting senior discounts at restaurants is common, starting at the age of 55 you may also be able to save on groceries. Stores like Hy-Vee, Fred Meyer, and Walgreens® offer special senior discounts on grocery and pharmacy items. You could save 5% on Wednesdays at certain Hy-Vee locations. Browse through Fred Meyer’s Senior Discount webpage to save 10% on certain items on the first Tuesday of the month. During Walgreens’® Seniors Day, you could save 30% on eligible regular-price Walgreens®-brand items, and 20% on other eligible regular-price items.

Phone plans

Major phone carriers have amazing wireless plans for users who are 55 years and older. T-Mobile offers three unlimited plans for senior customers starting at $27.50 to $45 per month for two lines. While Verizon offers a 55+ Unlimited Plan at a discounted rate. However, Verizon’s discount offer is available for Florida residents only.


While you may not have plans to travel soon, but whenever you do, remember these discounts for travelers aged 55 and older. Royal Caribbean offers reduced prices on select cruises (subject to availability). Carnival offers special cruise deals for seniors on their website. You can filter these discounts by date, destination, departure port, and other factors. At participating Best Western hotels worldwide, you can save up to 15% on your room rate (subject to availability).

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