IKEA® Shopping Guide: 7 Ways to Get Discounts and Save Money When Shopping at IKEA®

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IKEA® is known for its modern designs and affordable pricing. If you’ve visited an IKEA® store recently, it’s likely you know what we’re talking about. But, there are a few ways you can save even more when shopping at the Swedish furniture store. We tell you how.

1. Join the IKEA® Family membership program

When you join this program, you get access to a number of benefits like 90-day price protection, discounted prices, etc.

2. Shop at the store during the IKEA® Kitchen Event

The IKEA® Kitchen Event goes on for several days. Each time you shop during this event, you get a little bit of what you spend back in gift cards. Make sure to subscribe to the store’s emails, so you know when the event starts. The only catch is that you will need an IKEA® Family card for this.

3. Shop at the as-is section

This is a section where you can find slightly damaged and returned products and floor models at discounted prices. While each IKEA® store will likely have different products in this section, you can expect to find steep discounts on the items here. This section is usually located at the back of the store.

4. Shop last-chance items

On certain items, you may see a “last chance” tag. Make sure to buy these products as quickly as you can since they are either limited-edition items or from a discounted collection. Last-chance items are also offered at significant discounts.

5. Check if you can get the employee discount

IKEA® offers 15% discount to its employees on almost all products. So, if one of your family members or friends are working at IKEA®, ask them if they can shop for you.

6. Save on shipping when shopping at IKEA®

If you want to shop online but don’t want to pay for the shipping cost, check out the store’s Click & Collect service. This essentially helps you order items online and collect them later at the store. You could also buy IKEA® products through Amazon. And, if you are a Prime member, you can get free 2-day shipping on eligible items.

7. Shop during the Black Friday sale

Like many other retailers, IKEA® also has a Black Friday sale in which prices for many items are discounted. IKEA® Family members may get special deals during this sale.

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