4 Smart Tips to Save Money at Subway®

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A tasty and healthy alternative to fast food is hands-down the Subway® subs. But with their footlongs costing close to $10, it can be quite expensive. If you want to save money on your next Subway® meal, here are some of our favorite tips.

Tip #1: Split a footlong and customize it

Did you know that ordering two separate 6-inch sandwiches can cost you 20% more than ordering a single footlong? Yes! You can easily save some money by ordering a footlong and requesting the server to cut it into 6-inch portions and customize it. Be polite and not demanding, as not all employees will entertain your request. Note that when customizing the two 6-inch portions, the meat options cannot be changed, but you can choose between other ingredients.

Tip #2: Choose your add-ons wisely

If possible, skip the add-ons and you’ll end up with more money in your pocket. But if you can’t resist your munchies, grab a bag of chips, and share it with others. If you’re buying cookies for your kids, ensure you purchase three to get a quantity discount.

Tip #3: Toasted subs can cost you more

Subways® in California charge sales tax if you toast your sub. This is because the toasted sub is considered a hot food and the state levies taxes on them. So, if you live in California, try and skip toasting your sub to save some money.

Tip #4: Order the Subway® “Old Cut”

Most Subway® sandwich artists are trained to cut the top of the bread with a V shape. This shape is called the “Old Cut”. It works well to hold all your ingredients in the sub. While the meat portion remains the same, you can go crazy with the other toppings. So, the next time you place an order, request the “Old Cut” to get more bang for your buck.

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