Top tips: Save money at the grocery store

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Looking for tricks to shop at your favorite grocery store? In this article, you’ll learn how to hack your trip to be faster, cheaper, and better, without just relying on coupons. Let’s dive in!

Costco®: Know what to shop for in bulk and what to avoid Though you must spend money upfront on a Costco® membership, over time, being an active member can save you some serious money along with some extra perks that go along with holding that little membership card.

A lot of Costco's® value can be attributed to buying items in bulk or wholesale since it keeps the costs down. In order to maintain savings beyond the day you purchase items, make sure to stock up on food items that won't go to waste before your family can finish them. As an example, take spices. While spices don't go bad, they do go stale quickly. The same goes for foods such as coffee, condiments, baking powder, or flour since they can go stale before you have a chance to finish them. Such items are better bought in smaller quantities. Instead, at Costco®, buy items in bulk when you can freeze them. Foods like organic chicken, nuts, bread rolls, frozen fruit, maple syrup, bacon, and butter are great bulk buys at Costco®.

Whole Foods®: Nab a case discount. Whole Foods Market®, Inc. sells products that are free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

If you love a particular flavor of yogurt or kombucha, Whole Foods offers a 10% discount when you purchase a whole case of almost any item. Do keep in mind that it'll have to be only one flavor; you can't mix and match.

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