Secret Tips to Save Even More Money at ALDI

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When it comes to grocery stores, ALDI is one of America’s hidden gems. Although it doesn’t accept manufacturer coupons, the store offers surprisingly low prices on a wide range of items. Here are top secret tips to score some savings on your next Aldi shopping trip:

Get discounts on bakery items

You could score up to 50% off on bakery items that are about to expire. ALDI discounts their fresh items two days before it expires. So, if you find an item that is about to expire, come back in a few days. If the item is still in stock, you could get it for half the price.

Also, keep an eye out for on-sale products that will be going “off sale”. When the new ads are put up, you could score some discounts on those items too.

Carry Your Own Bags

You can save on your grocery bill by carrying your own bags. By carrying some reusable bags, you can save the cashier’s time and your own money too. Also, while shopping, if you see an empty box around, you can use that to pack your groceries.

Take Advantage Of Double-Back Guarantee

ALDI offers a “Twice as Nice” guarantee, which means you can bring back an item you purchased if you don’t like it. You can replace that item with another product or return the item and get your money back. This offer does not apply to national brands, non-quality related issues, and non-food “Special Buy” items or alcohol.

Stay informed

Sign up for ALDI’s newsletter, to never miss out on current or upcoming Specialbuys, and stay one step ahead of the crowd. Also, remember that the deep discounter has an app which is available on iOS and Android. If you sign up for notifications, you can be among the first to know when items go on sale.

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