Here’s When You Could Shop For Electronics To Get Top Deals

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While some bargain hunters believe that seasonal shopping is the way to go, others prefer shopping for electronics only during Black Friday. With such differing opinions, how can you determine the best time to buy a new laptop or video game? Here’s a quick rundown on when you could shop for electronics to get top deals:

Buy When Demand Is Lowest

If you’re not interested in buying the newest product with the latest features, you can buy an older version of the product, when a new version is released. As prices for old products usually drop when a new item comes out, you’ll be able to get the best bang for your buck. Often technology retailers provide information about when their new products will be released. So, you can check the websites for updates and plan your shopping accordingly.

Know Brand Schedules

If your heart is set on a particular brand and refuses to budge, keep an eye on the brand’s sales schedule to grab the best deals. Some brands do not reduce their prices even during Black Friday. And, so, you need to know when they have a sale on the products that you want. You may need to regularly check their sites for any price drop.

Research! Research! Research!

When it comes to gadgets, resist the temptation of impulse-buying. Sometimes what might seem like the hottest tech deal may actually be a product that is missing key features that you need. Read as many buying guides as possible and check out sites that do product field testing to make an informed decision.

Best Time To Buy

Video Games: Video games are usually released in time for the year-end holiday during November and December. Buying video games in January and February can help you bag some huge savings when the holiday buying frenzy is over. Also, Black Friday is the best time to buy gaming consoles and gaming system bundles.

Laptops: There are two times in the year where you’re sure to find the best deals on a new laptop. The obvious one is Black Friday and the second is the last week of July through the first 3 weeks of August (this period is when back-to-school sales happen). Bargain hunters have also noticed significant price drops during Amazon’s Prime Day.

TVs: If you’re looking for an upgrade, there are several times in the year that you could benefit from a deal on the latest TV. These include January (Super Bowl season), May (Memorial Day sales), June (Father’s Day), July (Amazon’s now-yearly Prime Day sales), Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales.

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