5 Items You’ve Got to Shop at Target®!

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There’s a reason why Target® is everyone’s favorite shopping destination - you get awesome clothing, decorations at deeply discounted prices, fabulous makeup, and stylish furniture, all in one place! It’s also home to all the essentials like self-care products, groceries, and OTC pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the store also offers exclusive items that you would not be able to buy anywhere else. Here, we’ve put together a list of 5 items that you have to buy when shopping at Target®

Kids clothing: Spending a lot of money on clothes for children is pretty silly, given that kids grow out of their clothes within a year or two. So, you want to get your kids clothes that are stylish and cute, but, more importantly, affordable. And, if you’re looking for affordable clothing that looks great, you’ve got to check out the Cat & Jack collection at Target® - it’s full of practical styles for play, school, and everything else. The best part is these pieces don’t cost more than a few bucks.

Candles: You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a high-quality candle that smells amazing, looks gorgeous, and burns great. Target’s® Project 62™ candles are a great option and they typically cost between $9 and $15.

Accessories: It’s fun to style your outfit with trendy, seasonal accessories. But, who wants to spend a lot of money on items that may go out of style the very next season? Target® helps you stay on trend within budget, with its statement jewelry, chic shoes, stylish sunglasses, and more.

Post-holiday sale items: Shop at Target® after a major holiday to get items at deeply discounted prices. Seasonal, decorative items are usually marked down by around 50% initially, and then they’re marked down even further, so keep an eye out for such items.

Bullseye Playground: If you’re not sure of what to shop at Target®, check out the Bullseye Playground section, which is chock-full of fun goodies at really affordable prices.

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