Shopping Tips That Will Help You Score Huge Discounts on Clothing

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Shopping Tips That Will Help You Score Huge Discounts on Clothing

Shopping for clothes is always fun, but can be outrageously expensive! But, if you can’t put off your shopping trip any longer, here 7 awesome tips that will help you score great discounts.

Shop out of season whenever you can: get how exciting it is to buy things for the coming season, but buying off-season clothing can help you save a lot of money. So, the beginning of winter would be a good time for you to shop for summer clothing. Most retailers will offer these off-season clothes at a much better price.

Use coupon apps: There are a lot of coupon apps out there that can help you save good money. Just find a good app, download it to your phone, and look for coupons that can be used at stores that are near you. Many of these apps also have features that will help you save your favorite coupons, let you know when there are special offers going on, etc.

Shop at thrift stores: If you are really determined to get a huge discount, you’ll want to shop at a thrift store. But, thrifting isn’t for everyone - you’re going to have to do a lot of digging and there’s no guarantee you’ll find your size. But, the deals are pretty sweet.

Track big sales: Most large department stores have annual or semi-annual sales where they offer crazy discounts. These sales usually happen when store activity is relatively low. A good way to be notified of these sales before they happen is by signing up for the store’s emails.

Take surveys: Did you know that a number of retailers include a survey to check how satisfied you were with your shopping experience right at the bottom of your receipt? Most stores offer you a discount ranging between 5-10% for taking this survey. So, next time you get a receipt, make sure to look for a survey at the bottom.

Look for investment pieces on eBay: If you enjoy online shopping, you can score some really cool, investment pieces on eBay at very reasonable prices. But, keep in mind that you are also likely to come across a few counterfeit products, and you also can’t see or try on anything you like. So, if you spot something you like, don’t hesitate to ask the seller questions about the item.

Befriend a sales executive: Is there a particular store you love shopping at? It’s a good idea to befriend one of the salespeople there. Not only will doing this get you much better service, but you’ll also likely know when the next sale is coming well before others do.

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