How to Get Freebies at Walmart®

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Every day, people go to Walmart® to find the best prices on essential items. But are you curious to know if there are ways you can save even more money at Walmart®? The answer is yes, and you can get freebies at the store even though the retailer’s prices are consistently low. Here’s a simple guide to follow while shopping at Walmart® so you can make the most of your savings.

In-store shopping

At times, Walmart® permits certain vendors to set up sampling stations inside the store. Often, such a sampling station may be found in the grocery section, and customers can head to it to find free samples. The intention behind handing out free samples is to promote the products and offer shoppers something new to try. Hence, Walmart® may partner with different companies to provide freebies to further the sales.
If you cannot spot samples in your store, drop by the customer service desk and inquire where you can find them.

Online orders

Occasionally, Walmart® will offer freebies with online orders, but it depends on your luck. For instance, you may pick a particular product and receive a free sample with your order unexpectedly. Customers who have shopped online have reported receiving freebies such as lotion, body wash, granola bars, and shampoo, among other things.

Walmart®-hosted events

At different points in the year, Walmart® may host events to get customers to sample beauty products, toys, foods, and healthcare products. However, these occasions only take place at select Walmart® locations, so if you wish to find out more about such events, log on to their website. Once you’re on the Walmart® website, you can find your local store after entering your zip code. You will see a section for local events on the right side of the screen. At these events, customers may even be handed coupons by the retailer, which can be used for future purchases.

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