Top Grocery Stores That Offer Freebies

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For many people, free samples rank among the most delightful aspects of grocery shopping. It’s hard to resist free food samples but finding the best place to get freebies can be difficult. If you want to engage your taste buds while shopping and try new products, check out our list of grocery stores where you can expect freebies to come your way.


You can expect a vast and varied selection of free samples from spanakopita to sushi rolls at select Costco(R) stores. So, if you see a sample station at your local Costco(R), don’t be afraid to try a few products, so you know which ones to purchase.

Whole Foods

KWhile there may not be many free samples offered at this health food store, Whole Foods has a policy that allows you to sample their offerings. If you want to try a beverage or food item, all you need to do is ask an employee if you can do so. They may open the product for you and even ask other customers if they’d like a taste.

Trader Joe’s(R)

Apart from coffee samples, your nearest Trader Joe’s(R) may have a sample station stocked with freebies. If you still want to sample something outside of this selection, request an employee.
*Note: Due to the pandemic, Trader Joe’s(R) outlets may not be offering samples.

Sam's Club®

For over 40 years, free food and beverages have been a specialty at Sam’s Club, thanks to their signature Taste and Tips sampling and demo program. A wide variety of samples can be found at this warehouse chain. After tasting, members can also write product reviews.

So, the next time you need to go shopping, make sure to head to one of the above-mentioned stores to score amazing freebies!

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