How To Take Care of Your Coupon Binder

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The main reason behind people failing at couponing is the lack of planning. If you have a concrete plan regarding your money-saving goals, couponing can instantly become a great way of destressing yourself, financially or otherwise. A coupon binder is the key to being organized and here’s how you can maintain it.

A strong zipper binder

You must try and get your hands on a zipper binder that’s sturdy and at least 3 inches wide. One that comes with a built-in pocket in the front, as well as a strap, is the best pick because you can use the pocket to store the coupons you intend to use while you’re in a store. Using decorative inserts can also help you separate sections.

Invest in a sheet protector

There are three types of sheet protectors that you’ll need for your binder: full-page, 3-pocket coupon storage, and trading card holders. While the full-page one is suitable for individual categories and table of contents, the 3-pocket option is great for printed and larger coupons. For individual newspaper coupons, you can use trading card holders. To easily view expiring coupons that you plan to use or free ones that can be overlooked, insert a baseball card sleeve as the first page in your binder.

Make time to clip and organize coupons

Avoid piling your coupons. Try and make time every week to clip and organize them. You can clip multiple copies of the same insert at one go by layering each copy of an insert page over the other. In a month’s time, you will begin to memorize the categories and the process will be faster. If you don’t wish to clip individual coupons, you can also organize the inserts or pages datewise.

After the coupons are cut, browse through your binder again and keep an eye out for expired coupons. Removing the old ones will only make space for new coupons.