How To Get Awesome Discounts When Shopping In Stores

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There is almost never any reason to pay full retail price for anything you buy in a store. With the rise of online shopping, brick-and-mortar establishments must go the extra mile to earn your business. In order to score bargains, you must simply lookout for ways to pay less for what you want.

Learn to negotiate

A majority of people are uncomfortable haggling with sellers. Instead, we are used to opening our wallets and saying, “Here you go.” But it is often worth trying to negotiate since the savings can be substantial. Here are some tips to get a good bargain:

  • Research what the price should be.
  • Ask the right person for the discount.
  • Pay with cash instead of plastic.
  • Do not be afraid to walk away.

Always remember, the first price is not always the final price, and there is no harm in asking for a better deal.

Try to shop on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

Many grocery stores begin sales that last for a week on Wednesday. On most Sundays, big supermarkets release coupon pamphlets. So the sweet spot for a grocery shopper is Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, since you will be able to take advantage of both kinds of discounts.

Buy items in bulk if they are on sale

Whether it is toothbrushes or nonperishable food items, do consider buying in bulk. Keep a list of the prices of the groceries and sundries that your family buys on a regular basis to help you make a choice when something is at a great price. Ensure that you have enough space to store your purchases and that the items are not perishable.

Use online tools to get brick-and-mortar store discounts

Use the internet to your advantage especially when looking for websites that offer coupons or coupon codes. You can also follow companies you like on Twitter and Facebook. By following your favorite brands on social media, you will get special discounts and advance notice on upcoming deals at their stores. You can also sign up for company email lists to get coupons and discount codes.

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