Store Hacks: This Is How You Can Save Money When Shopping at Trader Joe's®

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads Store Hacks: This Is How You Can Save Money When Shopping at Trader Joe's®

Great quality and great prices - two things Trader Joe’s® is famous for. But, you could very well be saving a lot more while shopping at Trader Joe’s® by following these simple tips.

1. Make sure to use coupons: Many people don’t know that they can use manufacturer coupons on brand-name items at Trader Joe’s®. So, if you find relevant coupons, clip them immediately.

2. Bring your own bag: If your city levies a disposable bag tax, make sure to bring a bag with you to the store to save a few dollars. Some store locations even offer customers the opportunity to win gift cards if they get their own reusable bags (provided they spend a certain amount in the store).

3. Check the Fearless Flyer: Before you head to Trader Joe’s®, it’s a good idea to go through the deals listed in the monthly mailer. The store’s flyer includes details about specials and discounts, thus helping you choose products that are at the best price.

4. Compare prices: While a number of products at Trader Joe’s® are priced affordably, there are a few items that are quite expensive, especially compared to what competitor stores charge for these items. So, make sure to pick up items that are worth the price and skip the ones that are not. You’ll know which items are priced well by doing a quick search online and comparing prices charged by Trader Joe’s® and other stores.

5. Return what you don’t like: Trader Joe’s® has a pretty great return policy, which means you can bring back anything you are not completely satisfied with and get a full refund. So, don’t hang onto items you are not completely sold on, assuming the store won’t take them back.

6. Sample it before you buy it: Many Trader Joe’s® stores have a sampling policy, which allows you to taste the product before you buy it. Keep in mind that this does not apply to alcoholic items.

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