Secret Tips to Outsmart Retailers and Get Awesome Discounts Online

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Many people choose to shop online because it’s more convenient than having to go to a store and spend precious time walking from aisle to aisle. But, if you know secret ways to save money, shopping online can also be a lot cheaper than shopping in-store, without a doubt. Here are some of our best tips to save money when shopping online.

Stack coupon codes on sale items: If you’ve used a coupon when shopping online, you know how great it feels to see your total bill value drop! But, did you know you could save even more by stacking coupon codes on sale items? Of course, not all stores allow this, but it’s worth checking if this is an option.

Go incognito and clear your cookies: The sad truth is that if you are a loyal customer and visit a particular retailer’s website often, you will likely not be able to find the best deals. So, what you should do is clear the cookies on your browser and open incognito mode to do your shopping. The website will assume you are a first-time customer and may offer you some truly incredible deals.

Join Amazon Household: If you are a parent and an Amazon Prime member, Amazon Household can be an awesome way to save money. Some of the perks include up to 20% off on baby food, diapers, etc., and access to email newsletters with exclusive deals and product recommendations, among other things. Of course, if you have a baby, buying diapers in bulk from a store would be your best bet, but in case you want to shop online, Amazon Household is the way to go.

Create extra email addresses to get more coupons: Create a few extra email addresses and sign up for email newsletters from different retailers. Typically, retailers will email you coupon codes from time to time, which means you can get additional coupons if you have more than one email address.

Abandon your shopping cart to get a discount: This doesn’t work all the time, but it is worth a try. Select an item you like, add it to your online cart, and then just let it sit there, and you can go about your day as usual - ensure you stay signed in though. Many retailers may just offer you a percentage-off coupon to get you to complete your purchase.

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