All You Need to Know About Amazon’s SECRET Coupon Page

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Love shopping on Amazon, but wish you weren’t spending as much? Well, we’ve got some truly great news for you -- Amazon has a secret page that’s full of amazing coupons, which offer some amazing deals! Want to know more? Read on.

What is the secret coupon page on Amazon?

It’s really quite simple. Like clipped newspaper coupons, Amazon has a page full of coupons that offer discounts on everything from tools to electronics, pet supplies, and fashion. Once you find a coupon that you can use, all you need to do is “clip” it. The coupon, then, gets automatically added to your cart and the discount is applied to your bill value at the time of checkout. And just like that, you have what you want, and you’ve saved some money on the purchase.

How it works

You can find the coupon page on Amazon by navigating to the “Today’s Deals” section that’s found under the homepage search bar. After you reach this page, click on “Coupons,” which you will find in one of the tabs located near the top of the webpage. Browse through all the coupons, and once you find something that you can use, all you've got to do is click on “Clip Coupon.” The coupon discount gets saved to your cart, but you will not see it reflected in the price till you check out. Before you check out, just make sure that the coupon is applied to the cart value.

Tips to keep in mind

1. Just because you’ve clipped a coupon, it doesn’t mean you need to purchase the product immediately. Make sure to browse all the deals and purchase the right product.

2. New coupons are added often, so ensure that you check the Coupons page regularly for new savings opportunities.

3. Coupons have an expiration date, so keep that in mind when you clip them.

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