Here’s How You Can Get Shoes for FREE!

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Like buying new footwear but don’t want to spend too much? There are several ways you can get your hands (or your feet) on totally free shoes! Here, we’re sharing a few easy ways to score free footwear for yourself. Read on to know more!

1. Become a product tester

Many footwear companies are willing to give away free shoes in exchange for your feedback. Most companies have a testing and evaluation department that sends out samples to a select group of consumers to get feedback that can be used to improve their products. To become a product tester, you have to sign up for the brand's testing program. Once you’re selected, they’ll send you a pair of shoes that you can test for a few weeks. While some companies may require only your feedback, others might require you to send the shoes back so they can evaluate them in their lab. After the test, some companies may send you a free pair to keep or compensate you with cash or gift cards. Companies like Adidas, Puma, Reebok, ASICS, and Nike, have these programs.

2. Join a rewards program

You can also join the rewards programs of different footwear brands to score free shoes. Vans® is one such brand that doesn’t have a testing program, but a reward program that can help you get free shoes. Members of its reward program (known as Vans® Family) get exclusive custom designs, insider information, and enjoy members-only experiences. As a member, you can earn points for doing simple tasks like confirming your email, giving them your shoe size info, shopping, and getting more referrals. These points can be redeemed for rewards, which may include Vans® shoes as well. The company is also known to send surprise rewards to members. Who knows, you could be the next lucky recipient of their free pair of shoes!

3. Check out the free classified section

The kind of stuff you can get for free in local classifieds is truly unbelievable. Many people give away perfectly good shoes because they either outgrew them or purchased a new pair. If you want to get free shoes, take some time to check your local classified listings. Listia, Letgo, Craigslist, and OfferUp, are some of the sites you can consider.

4. Free shoes for low-income families/persons

For those who can’t afford to buy a new pair of shoes, there are several charities and organizations that can help. You can find many options online by doing a quick search. Some organizations that you can contact are Shoes That Fit, Soles4Souls, and Shoes For All. You can also reach out to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill to check if they have any programs that can help.

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