10 Easy Ways You Could Get More Discounts

FreeSamplesProUSA Top Reads 10 Easy Ways You Could Get More Discounts

Do you seem to never know when there’s a sale or major discount going on? Discounts are, in fact, everywhere. No, we don’t mean the huge blowout sales and crazy deals - we’re talking about discounts on basic purchases that you make on a daily basis. Because of how frequently you make these purchases, even a little bit of savings can add up to a lot over time. So, read on to know 10 ways you can get more discounts.

1. Look for digital coupons:

Checking different newspapers for coupons and cutting them out can get extremely time-consuming - we get it! But, what you can do is look for coupons online, either on the store’s website or app or a coupon-specific website.

2. Submit your rebates:

Many retailers allow you to submit rebates online - so don’t forget to do it. The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll have the money in hand.

3. Follow your favorite retailers on social media:

Following the stores that you like on social media is a great way to know about exclusive deals and discounts, as soon as they pop up.

4. Give feedback:

Did you know many stores give you discounts for giving them feedback online and when you take the customer survey that’s at the bottom of your receipt?

5. Sign up for mailing lists:

Shortlist your favorite stores and restaurants and sign up for their email alerts. Of course, you’ll receive some spam, but you’ll also know about exclusive discounts and freebies.

6. Redeem loyalty points:

If you’ve signed up for a particular store’s loyalty program, you’re probably racking up points each time you make a purchase. But, do you remember to redeem these points? Keep in mind you could lose your points if you don’t redeem them on time.

7. Look for discounts on insurance:

If you have car insurance, ask the insurance company if you are eligible to receive any discounts. Many insurers give policyholders discounts for having a good driving record, being over a certain age, etc.

8. Add items to your cart, but don’t check out:

This is a tip that many shoppers use to get discounts. Next time you need to shop online, add items to your cart, proceed as usual till the payment page, and then close the app. It’s likely the retailer will send you a coupon that you can use to get a discount and complete the payment.

9. Avoid shipping fees:

The only problem with shopping online is that shipping costs can be very high. If your retailer has an in-store pickup option, opt for that to save money.

10. Look for employee discount:

Inquire with your employer if they offer any specific discounts to employees. Many companies offer discounts on gym memberships, cell phone plans, etc.

Put these tips into use and watch your savings grow!