How to Get a FREE Starbucks(R) Drink - Find Out!

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Want to know how to get a free drink at Starbucks(R)? There are several no-cost ways you can get this done, but we’ve rounded up the best methods to make your experience worthwhile at the coffee giant. Follow our tips, and you’ll be enjoying your favorite Frappuccinos, iced tea, and other beverages with minimal spending.

Starbucks Rewards™

If you frequent Starbucks(R) often, you must make it a point to sign up for their rewards program. By doing so, you have a chance to earn two stars for every dollar you spend. Once you accumulate even 25 stars, you may just be able to get something for free. While 25 stars may get you an extra espresso shot or an extra pump of the syrup of your choice, with 400 stars, you can bag select coffee accessories such as a signature cup. The rewards program also makes your coffee run more convenient as the Starbucks(R) app lets you order on your phone.

Birthday drink

Can you get a free drink if it’s your birthday? At Starbucks(R), you absolutely can, as long as you have joined their rewards program. So ensure you become a member to be eligible for a free food item or drink on your special day.

Offers at Starbucks(R)

Have you been curious about how some people get quality beverages at Starbucks(R) for free by using up their stars? Well, it’s all about strategy, for they aren’t ones to miss promotions by the coffee chain. The three most common types of promotions at Starbucks(R) are double-star days, bonus stars, and buy one get one free. Learn about these promotions to make the best use of them.

Starbucks(R) official games

On their website, you can routinely find free coffee giveaways, which are their official games. They’re fun and free, and some nice rewards such as stars and coupons are at stake.

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